WhatsApp Imposes New Rule On Message-Sharing To Prevent Fake News

WhatsApp imposes a new rule on all its members to limit the re-sending of a single message up to five times. This movement is being implemented around the world to prevent abuses and solve the problem of spreading false news. WhatsApp will block users who will be caught sending a message to more than five people or groups to combat the spread of false information on the platform.

The company initiated the new policy in India last July after many mafia lynching incidents, most of which were accused of misinformation that spread through the courier service. According to critics, WhatsApp message exchange design hides the identity of the sender and allows messages to be widely disseminated with little responsibility.

This limit comes with another feature that identifies the forwarded messages and the removal of the fast forward button that can be found next to the images, videos and audio clips. Having implemented this for 6 months, the company claims that it has reduced forwarding by 25% worldwide and much more in India, which is one of the countries with the highest message forwarding rates in the world.

The latest update of the new WhatsApp policy was announced at an event in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company said its decision was made after evaluating the results of a 6-month trial. “The forwarding limit significantly reduced messages forwarded worldwide,” a spokesperson added in a statement. “[This] will help WhatsApp focus on private messaging with close contacts.” We will continue to listen to user comments about their experience. , and more Time, looks for new ways of tackling viral content “.

The company believes that setting the limit to five recipients is good enough to reach close friends or family while helping the platform combat abuse.