Walmart is using artificial intelligence to prevent checkout theft

In an effort to reduce theft and errors, Walmart uses artificial intelligence connected to the CCTVs to ensure every item in your cart is scanned and paid for. This is already happening in more than 1,000 Walmart stores.

As the Business Insider points out, the system is known internally as Missed Scan Detection and uses computer vision to monitor monitored areas and self checkout areas in each store. The system is able to detect when an item is not analyzed or is analyzed in error and reports the problem to a payment agent, who can then address and correct the problem.

Walmart spokesperson LeMia Jenkins said, “Walmart is truly investing in the safety of its customers and associates … Over the past three years, the company has invested more than half a billion dollars in order to prevent, reduce and deter crime in our stores and on our parking lots. We continuously invest in human resources, programs and technology to ensure the safety of our stores and our communities.

When the inventory of the store disappears without being paid, it is called “shrinkage.” This can happen by theft or by mistake and retailers are obviously very anxious to reduce it as much as possible If Walmart knows the average contraction rate of retailers Americans, it loses about $ 4 billion a year, so you can see why heavy investment and adoption of AI to reduce cissement worthwhile for the company.

Everseen is one of the companies providing Walmart with the computer vision technology needed to make crate monitoring possible. Alan O’Herlihy, CEO of Everseen, said: “People make mistakes … in terms of loss or loss of volume, this is the main source.” And if you’re wondering which item is causing the most problems, it’s milk. O’Herlihy explains, “People have trouble analyzing milk … sometimes they are frustrated and do not scan it.”