Twitter Reports it does not Take Actions Based on Political Views

Faced with accusations of having a political bias in India, Twitter on Friday said he believes in impartiality and does not take any action, such as blocking accounts, on the basis of political views. Twitter, which has been accused by supporters of the ruling BJP of being biased against the right, said that “hate and hate behavior come from accounts across the ideological spectrum” and will continue to take measures when the rules are broken.
By explaining how trending topics work on Twitter, the US microblogging platform` said that the speed or number of tweets in a given period of time and not the total number of tweets decide what the trend is.
The Twitter statement comes days before its representatives appear before a parliamentary panel on information technology, which is considered to have issued the citation as a reaction to the concerns of supporters of the ruling dispensation.
The head of the committee and the BJP parliamentarian, Anurag Thakur, on February 5, tweeted about the agenda of the February 11 meeting while examining the issue of “safeguarding the rights of citizens on social media platforms / online. ”
Members of Youth for Social Media Democracy, a right-wing group, protested outside their office claiming that Twitter has acquired an “anti-right attitude” and has been blocking their accounts.

In its Friday statement, Twitter affirmed that the company “does not take any action based on political points of view or views,” nor does it use political ideology to classify content in its service.
“There has been a lot of discussion about Twitter and the political bias in India in recent weeks and today’s real-time global communication platform set the record … Twitter is a platform where you can see and hear voices from across the spectrum It is committed to the principles of openness, transparency and impartiality, “he added.
The US-based company argued that the content that appears in the terms of the users or the way in which the company applies its policies is impartial, and that it is “committed to remain impartial taking into account the public interest”.
“The product and policies of Twitter never develop or evolve on the basis of a political ideology (…) The abuse and hate behavior come from the accounts of the entire ideological spectrum and Twitter will continue to act when its rules are broken “he added.
Twitter, which has India among its larger markets, said it has a specialized global team that enforces its rules with impartiality and that its employees in India do not make compliance decisions, which “by design” guarantees impartiality and objectivity .
“Twitter does not review, prioritize or apply its policies on the basis of political ideology, each Tweet and each account are treated impartially, and we apply our policies fairly and judiciously for all.
“If there are ‘false positive’ decisions, these are not statements of political intent, they are the basic human error rate of executing the fastest and most open conversation tool in history,” said the world vice president of Twitter (Public Policy). Colin Crowell.
The company also stated that the process of public verification on its platform is currently closed.
Twitter said it is working with Indian political parties to verify candidates, elected officials and relevant party officials whose accounts will be active in the public conversation.
“To be clear, the parties themselves select the accounts for verification and then Twitter reviews them to make sure they meet the company’s verification standards,” he said.
Twitter emphasized that it verifies these accounts to “promote healthy election conversations” and to “provide confidence that these public figures are who they claim to be.”
“India is the world’s largest democracy and one of our fastest growing audience markets worldwide.” The open, real-time nature of Twitter facilitates strong civic engagement on issues of national and local interest during elections. committed to the emergence of all sides of the conversation “As we enter the election season in this extraordinarily diverse cultural, political and social climate,” said Crowell.
He added that the company strives to be “even more transparent in the way we develop and apply our policies to dispel theories of conspiracy and mistrust.”
With the following general elections, the government of India warned social media platforms of firm action if they tried to influence the country’s electoral process by unwanted means.
The government also proposes amending IT rules, in which social media, online platforms and messaging applications will be more accountable and will be mandated to implement tools to identify and curb illegal content, as well as follow diligence practices due more stringent.

In recent months, social media players such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have promised to infuse more transparency into the political announcements on their platform, and since then they have announced a series of measures as part of the electoral integrity efforts.