Software Update: iOS 13 is available to download now.

After months of waiting, Apple’s new iPhone software update is finally here right here.

The latest version dud’Apple(AAPL mobile operating system) is officially available for download Thursday.

Anyone with an iPhone 6S model or later can download the update. Here’s how: Go to the Settings section of your phone, tap the “General” tab, then tap “Update Software”.


Apple recommends connecting your phone to a power source and connecting to Wi-Fi for download. It is also always recommended to back up your iPhone first. You can do this by connecting to Wi-Fi, by going back to your Settings section, pressing your name at the top, then selecting “iCloud” and scrolling to where it says ” ICloud Backup “.

This way, if the new software update is buggy, your important files and data will be backed up.

The iOS version 13 promises a number of important changes. Here are some of the main iOS 13 features available from Apple so far:

Dark Mode

Perhaps the most interesting update in iOS 13 is the dark mode. Apple will give users the opportunity to have a dark background supposed to be more eye-pleasing and potentially better for battery life. Some prefer the purely stylistic choice.

Swipe to type

Tired of one letter at a time on the keypad of your phone? Apple is about to introduce a new Quickpath keyboard, which allows you to type faster, in the same way as the Google Gboard. Until now, Apple users interested in this option had to rely on applications from other developers, such as SwiftKey.

A new privacy feature

The company has a new feature that allows you to connect to third-party apps and websites using your Apple ID. As part of this option, called Connecting with Apple, you can even choose for Apple to generate a e-mail address to connect to these services, thus limiting the amount of personal information that you must provide.



Apple Maps – if you use it – receives some updates. On one hand you can explore cities in 3D. With the updated Apple Maps, you can also select the places you frequent and create collections of places you want to visit.


While Siri had not received much mention during the Apple speech of September this year, the voice assistant undergoes some modifications. Siri will soon be able to read incoming messages and allow you to share the sound of your AirPods.

Apple Arcade 

new game subscription service starts on iOS 13. It costs $ 4.99 with a catalog of more than 100 games. Analysts say this could change the game for mobile applications, but it may take some time to gain ground.