New Airbus planes have sensors that track most of what you do

Connected home is a fairly common phenomenon at this stage, as more and more consumers are integrating products such as speakers and smart screens, connected video doorbells, smart devices, and so on. Making ubiquitous connectivity and digitization an even more banal element of everyday life. And now, thanks to aerospace giants such as Airbus, it seems that the friendly sky is the next target of the spread of what is called the Internet of Things.

By the end of the year, Airbus will hold test flights on its specially equipped A350-900s that will closely monitor passengers, even in the bathrooms, to provide better service and better service. more personalized.

It’s like a gigantic digital surveillance center and, according to a company press release , Airbus’ Connected Experience will give crew members a plethora of data and metrics they did not have. before. For example, the tracking of passenger toilet habits certainly has a dystopian allusion to this, but Airbus does this to give the crew more detail, for example when the soap dispenser is low and the bathroom is low. is about to run out of toilet paper.

The aircraft’s sensors will follow everything from dining carts to passenger seats, through the upper lockers and other elements of the aircraft cabin. All of this data would then be uploaded to Airbus’ Skywise system (which, yes, is only Skynet’s syllable) for what Airbus calls “subsequent trend analysis”. To get an idea of ​​the level of granular detail that will apparently Airbus will also have sensors in the armrests, shelves and the seatback. According to the manufacturer, the sensors in the suspended compartments could possibly be used to better indicate the free space (facilitating a faster loading) as well as for a better management of the space, allowing even perhaps to the passengers to reserve a specific space in the future.

said Ingo Wuggetzer, vice president of Airbus decabine Marketing, a trade show in Los Angeles in recent days, by touting the scope of what Airbus is trying to do here, “It is not a concept. It’s not a dream It’s the reality.