Huawei unveiled powerful chip Kirin 990

Huawei at the IFA 2019 in Berlin took out its next-generation mobile processor, the Kirin 990 on the SoC chip that will run the Mate 30, including the Mate 30 Pro, which could be the most important iPhone 11 rival launch this year.

If this sounds familiar, it is because Huawei repeats what it did 2018, when it announced the world’s first 7nm chip at the same trade show, just a few days before Apple unveiled its 7nm A12 chip that turned on all the iPhone 2018 phones. The new iPad Pros – It ended up being the first commercial 7nm chip in the world. The Kirin 990 is the first couple of Huawei too, one of which Apple won’t be able to match.

The new silicon will be manufactured in the EUn 7nm process, with Huawei TSMC processing orders. This is the same technology that the A13 uses, according to reports, with the iPhone 11 processor which is also expected to feature chips manufactured from TSMC. Just like last year, the A13 will arrive on the market before Kirin 990, where the Mate 30 series will be unveiled on September 19 (a week after the iPhone 11).

The Kirin 990 comes with a feature that the A13 will not have: a built-in 5G modem based on the Huawei Balong 5000 chip that supports maximum download and download speeds of up to 2.3 Gbit / s and 1.25 Gbit / s, respectively. That’s because the iPhone 11 won’t have a 5G connection, a feature Apple saves for 2020. Also, when Apple ends up launching its own iPhone 5G, it’s likely to use Qualcomm’s 5G chips, which produce each other. The 5G modem is available in this year’s first Android 5G phones. The 4G option from the Kirin 990 will also be charged on some phones.


The Kirin 990 has an eight-core CPU, including two very large cores (2.86 GHz), two large cores and four small cores. The GPU-16 Mali-G76 GPU is also included in SoC, as well as the new System Level Smart Cache that can save bandwidth and lower power consumption. Kirin Gaming + 2.0 is supposed to allow “effective collaboration between hardware infrastructure and solutions, providing a seamless and fast pioneering gaming experience.”

Other Kirin 990 features will improve AI for AI photography. The ISP 5.0 chip will support “Block Noise Reduction (NR) and 3D Filtering (BM3D) for brighter, clearer images in low-light environments. Also new video features are likely to be available in Mate 30 Pro and P40 Pro for next year. This includes post-processing and real-time video playback based on AI segmentation that can adjust colors on a frame-by-frame basis.

SoC also packs a dual-core neuron processing unit (NPU), featuring a large and small NPU core. Huawei says small cores are the first in the industry, allowing extremely low power consumption in applications using AI features.