Google Updates About AR & Googlebot

The new attributes of Google search include a mix of the camera, AR and a standard computer, which will be used to superimpose the material to its atmosphere. Later this month, people can use this feature in Google Search and have a connection to 3D objects. With the help of a smartphone, you can search several 3D objects and see them in the phone’s viewer in your location. There are many advantages to this update, especially for consumers because they can see objects placed in their favorite place using their cell phone to see if furniture or other objects fit in that area.

In addition, there is an update to the Google Lens feature, which can be accessed from the Google search bar application on your smartphone. You can point the Google lens to a restaurant menu for more information, including dish images, reviews and information. In addition, you can use it as a text translator of up to one hundred languages ​​and can read the text aloud for you.

The update of AR will be of great help for all companies, since virtual reality creates an environment in which when a user moves his head, the video reacts accordingly, but in AR the algorithm used is different. It will check the first position of the object to discover a location for the imitated ones and the image will be displayed after the rendering has done its part.

The other improvements include making Googlebot live for a long time; Now, whenever Google Chrome comes out in a new version, Googlebot will also be updated. The Googlebot, also known as a crawler that indexes websites pages is being delayed due to a reason, and it was to make sure that the pages that are compatible with the previous version of Chrome are correctly indexed. But this did not work for the websites that are built with the current framework, since some of its features were not compatible with the previous version of Chrome.

In addition, according to a story, the new version of chrome, which is 74, will add thousands more features to Googlebot and the company was already testing Googlebot support, but at that time they did not announce the final release date of The Update. of WebCrawler, but now it’s here. Also, there are still some deficiencies in the update, so be sure to check the problem solver for problems related to JS