Google announces the first price auction method for ‘Ad Manager’

In an attempt to create a fair and transparent market for its partners, Google is incorporating the first price auction method in its brand of online advertising services “Ad Manager”, which specifically refers to the sales of advertisements for products of viewing and inventory of videos.

Launched in June 2018, the “Ad Manager” worked on the second price auction method so far, in which the highest bidder bought the product for the second highest bid instead of on its own.

“With this change, the buyer who wins the auction pays the price it offered. By simplifying our auction in ‘Ad Manager,’ we can help publishers and app developers manage and get fair value for their inventory,” Sam said. Cox, Group Product Manager, Ad Manager, Google wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

Since both buyers and sellers would need time to modify their strategies, the transition would take time and, therefore, the company decided to wait a few months before beginning to test the change.

“During this time, publishers and application developers will need to rethink how they use the minimum prices, and technology partners should adjust the way they bid for the ‘Ad Manager Inventory’,” said Cox.

However, the change would not affect ad auctions on Google Search, AdSense for Search, YouTube, and other Google properties.