Ferrari using ANSYS’ Innovative Tech to Improve Racing

The R & D of racing cars is a continuous process and with the current level of competition and technological advancement, it is a necessity for the racing teams to adapt to innovative technical solutions. Car racing can range from 6 to 24 hours, so the car’s reliability is extremely crucial. This can be improved by fast and accurate simulations. The use of the latest technology is the best approach to handle such complexities. Currently, there are important technological players in the market that provide simulation solutions to automotive engineers so that they can perform evaluations through various operational variables.

Ferrari won the title of drivers, teams and manufacturers of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship in the GTE Pro category. This was possible thanks to ANSYS ‘computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions. The simulations provided by ANSYS helped Ferrari engineers automate the simulation process extensively and execute multiple iterations of design, improving speed, reliability and safety.
ANSYS provides technology that helps organizations predict with confidence the success of their products in the real world. Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA. UU., ANSYS has a qualified workforce. The employees are experts in the fields of computational fluid dynamics engineering, system simulation, design optimization, finite element analysis, integrated software, electronics and electromagnetic. This helps ANSYS customers understand their design challenges through fast, reliable and accurate engineering simulation.

Ferrari uses the ANSYS tools of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA). This software helps in the suspension system, the brake cooling systems and the dynamics of the whole body. There are many success stories that revolve around the use of these simulation tools, for example, with the help of these simulations, the part of the car that had been breaking in less than 6000 km of use is optimized to use up to 10,000 km .
The process
The CFS tool from ANSYS helped the AF Corse engineers to optimize the side view mirrors of the car, so that the car’s aerodynamics are maintained without interrupting the airflow of the rear engine, but it continues to introduce air diverted into the inlets Cooling the rear brake. It is extremely important to ensure that the net downward force is maintained at high speeds. This is ensured by calculating the air flow for various speeds and operating conditions. Maintaining stability at every speed and turn is very important to win the race. By using ANSYS, you can see the behavior of the car during the design stages and make the necessary changes to guarantee the real performance.

The design of these high-end racing cars requires an intensive calculation of multiphysics. High-speed operation exposes components and systems to an extreme level of conditions. To withstand extreme operating conditions, the brakes must be powerful, the engine must be highly sensitive and, in doing so, the car’s weight must be kept as low as possible. The evaluation of these extreme operating conditions requires highly reliable, accurate and fast computer simulation tools. ANSYS has a set of high-performance computing (HPC) tools that you can rely on to design high-end engineering products like Ferrari.

For more than 15 years, Ferrari has worked with the ANSYS CFD and FEA solutions to optimize their racing cars in the GT category. This has made ANSYS an official sponsor of the Ferrari GT Championships. Ferrari and ANSYS work in harmony, where Ferrari provides suggestions and ANSYS develops the code and then works on the comments provided.

ANSYS has more than 75 sales locations worldwide with network channel partners in more than 40 countries. In addition, it has a strong presence in the popular media. To learn more about their solutions, products, solutions and simulation conversations, you can visit the ANSYS website.