Facebook bans plastic water bottles in new offices

Facebook will not offer plastic water bottles for single use in its new offices around the world. Instead, water filling stations will be installed for staff.

News on Wednesday makes Facebook one of the largest companies to issue such a plastic ban. As awareness of the dangers of plastics and waste manufacturing increased, companies, gyms and stores stopped offering plastic bottles for single use, opting instead for glass, aluminum or paper cartons.


In August, San Francisco International Airport issued a ban on the sale of plastic water bottles in an effort to cut nearly 4 million bottles of water it sells every year.

New cafes on Facebook in Burlingame, Fremont, San Francisco and Sunnyvale will include new water stations, while Menlo Park’s headquarters will be upgraded with them. New offices in Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles will include water plants.

“It’s really about thinking about our sustainability goals … and being a good host for businesses,” said Juan Salazar, Facebook’s Community Policy and Community Participation Director. “This is the standard we set for the company to move forward.”