Dell EMC – Leading Modern Data Storage

We have entered the era in which business decisions are driven primarily by data. With the digital transformation that becomes imperative, data plays an even more important role for an effective transformation. It has become essential for organizations and companies to access data quickly, effectively and predictively to thrive in the competitive market. According to a recent IDC report, the global database is expected to expand and reach 163ZB (one trillion gigabytes) by the year 2025.

Due to this absolute volume, the storage of the growing data set has become very imperative for all companies.

Leader in storage solutions

Dell EMC is the number 1 in enterprise storage globally, while accounting for 19.2% of the total revenues of business storage systems worldwide and accelerating 21.8% year after year, which streamlines storage needs of the data centers of companies with industry-leading solutions. Companies in India are striving to offer multiple cloud and hybrid cloud to optimize their data. By understanding this need to manage data from the edge, the core and the cloud, Dell EMC offers industry-leading storage solutions to analyze data in real time, learn from it and take advantage of it. The optimized workload from edge to core to cloud with its superior storage solutions complies with quality, scalability, accessibility and security.

Currently, India is dominating the external storage business in the Asia Pacific region and Japan (APJ). The country has also reviewed others with a high perpetual demand for storage, which allows companies to offer essential technological innovation to their customers. According to the IDC report, the external storage market in the country expanded by 16.7% (year-on-year) in 2018, which is recorded as the highest in the world.

Dell EMC – Modernization of data storage

The storage strategy is integral to an organization, since it allows the organization to accumulate and analyze information. The only challenge is to create storage systems that support the entire data footprint and propose intelligent and efficient data management, promoting timely information and commercial value.

Dell EMC offers a range of storage solutions and data protection offerings that are designed for both modern and legacy applications. These storage solutions are designed for different data sets, including structured, semi-structured or unstructured, with different I / O characteristics and service level agreements. These storage solutions allow organizations to make decisions based on data. From primary storage to the storage of files and objects, from data protection to the engineering-designed cloud platform, Dell EMC enables organizations to unlock the true value of their data capital.