Chatbots-Innovation in the Customer Service

The dreams of an AI that would facilitate communication between people and computers, applications and devices have been alive for dozens of years. There are numerous films and books on the subject, which represent the future in which artificial intelligence will be an everyday standard for human beings. Nowadays, engaging in a dialogue with a computer application no longer draws attention. One of these programs, which is spreading more and more in our lives, is the Chatbot.

Chatbot is a program based on rules and use of AI. Its objective is to maintain a conversation with a human, using a natural language through popular messaging platforms, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, mobile applications or by phone.

Customer service is an area where the Chatbots application prevails. The use of a program of this type in the virtual assistant role provides a series of benefits identified for both parties.

How does a virtual assistant help?

Chatbots come with numerous possibilities, which ultimately help customers to know a certain company and its products. They are a new and effective channel for permanent communication with current customers. They are also an adequate tool for acquiring new clients.

In terms of availability, bots have a profound advantage over customer service employees, since the application is active 24/7. A chatbot does not sleep, does not go on vacation, does not get sick, connects and can answer customer questions even when the customer service department is closed. The opportunity to contact a company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is a reinforcement of the definitive image and improves the trust of the brand.

One of the main tasks of a Chatbot is to respond to customer queries, however, robots can also be used to:
Reservation of a medical or hairdressing appointment.
Accommodation of games or game shows.
Sending personalized information (in the form of a newsletter)
Increase sales by providing product information.
Determine the location
Helping in the recruitment process
Trading prices
These are just some examples of areas where robots can be used successfully. Their capabilities are much broader.

Despite their numerous strengths, Chatbots currently can not completely replace the customer service staff. However, they are excellent for helping humans, helping to answer frequent and routine questions. A conversation is delivered to a member of the human staff only in necessary and justified cases.

Modern companies, which seek to significantly improve customer service and reduce costs, often opt for bots, with their virtually unlimited possibilities. Experts estimate that by 2020 90% of the interactions between customers and businesses will not involve the so-called human factor. As with all the other technical innovations that have changed people’s lives over the years, there are also those who are skeptical. In this case, there is a fear that the bots will take jobs away from people, since they are more apt, affective and certainly cheaper. Are they justified? Only the future will tell.