Chatbots-Innovation in the Customer Service

The dreams of an AI that would facilitate communication between people and computers, applications and devices have been alive for dozens of years. There are numerous films and books on the subject, which represent the future in which artificial intelligence will be an everyday standard for human beings. Nowadays, engaging in a dialogue with a … Read more

How Technology is Making Mattresses Better

There is not a single sector that has not tested technology. The tendency at this time in all kinds of operations is to find a means to an end, the easiest medium for that. Man has done everything better, life easier, life more elegant! Nowhere is this more evident than the revolutionized mattress industry. In … Read more

Discount Sharing App – Perkspotting

We all like discounts, right? There are thousands of applications and sites available where you will find discount coupon codes and links. This is the usual thing we do online. In this publication, we will inform you about a site that works as an application to share discounts. This is a completely new concept and … Read more

Facebook’s Research App Banned By Apple – TechCrunch

Following yesterday’s TechCrunch investigation, Apple blocked Facebook’s Research VPN application before the social network could voluntarily close it. The Research application requested users to access the root network to all the data they pass through their phone in exchange for $ 20 per month. Apple tells TechCrunch that last night it revoked the Business Certificate … Read more

Facebook ‘fined $5bn over Cambridge Analytica scandal’

The US regulators have approved a record $ 5 billion (£ 4 billion) fine on Facebook to resolve an investigation into data privacy violations, according to US media reports. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been investigating allegations that political consultant Cambridge Analytica incorrectly obtained data on up to 87 million Facebook users. The agreement … Read more

YouTube bans ‘malicious insults and veiled threats’

YouTube can now not enable videos that “maliciously insult someone” supported “protected attributes” like race, identity or gender. The video-sharing platform will ban “implied threats of violence” as a part of its new harassment policy. A row erupted in June once a outstanding video-maker same he had been the target of abuse by another YouTube … Read more

Canada lawmakers want to question GM CEO

Members of Canada’s parliament want to question General Motors CEO Mary Barra about the future of the automaker in her country. The Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology of the House of Commons approved Tuesday a request for Barra to “come before the committee and explain GM’s ongoing and future commitment to the Canadian … Read more

The Hackability of Autonomous Vehicles

With autonomous vehicles tested around the world, drivers must prepare for the inevitable reality that there will soon be many autonomous vehicles on the road. This raises concerns about the safety of such vehicles and whether they are actually safer than traditional vehicles. One of the biggest fears is that an autonomous vehicle can be … Read more